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Journey of Art

About the Artist

Round Rock, TX based artist and storyteller inspired by the natural world around me and the journey of life.  I began my artistic trek as a means of keeping a diary - recording experiences in life, thoughts and dreams. Over time my artwork has become a vehicle for deeper spiritual reflection and prayer. I gravitate toward more abstract art and am inspired by works from Matisse, O'Keeffee, Kandinsky, Hartley, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cezanne and countless others.

Wanting to explore a deeper dimension to my work, I combined my love of painting with storytelling and created my first book entitled Love, the Tree in 2018 which I wrote, illustrated and self-published. Soon after I created my second book Mira and the Star that Fell to Earth. Please check the Amazon link at the top of this page for my published books.


In addition to my published books, I have created numerous poems, short stories, and essays. You may view some of these works in the other links found on this page (The Written Word, Author's Corner, Great Ship Invisible). 


I hope you enjoy browsing through my work. Please check out my Available Art page on this website for original works of art that are sold locally, For questions, please email

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