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The Written Word

This space is comprised of my poems, short stories, essays, etc., some of which were created as companions to a visual work of art, which I have tried to include. My hope is that they are words of encouragement in your own journey and usher into your own heart a sense of peace. Please feel free to reach out to me should you have a question. ~ Liza

















































































































































































































































































































































































Stranger in the Woods


On my walk in the woods today

I met a peculiar stranger.

Though we being of similar stock

in manner, dress and culture,

the fellow insisted I should not pass

'til measure was made and value assessed

of my inner working soul.


"What's this?" I asked.

"Not sure I agree to this peculiar kind of questioning.

But if I must, to be on my way, I'll play your little game."

With that reply, the stranger nodded

and our converse began this way:


"Close your eyes," the stranger said.

"I can't, I'm afraid of falling."

"Bar your ears from listening," the stranger said.

"I can't, I'm afraid I won't hear you calling."

"Cease your mouth from speaking," the stranger said.

"I can't, I'm afraid of not answering."

"Restrain your body from moving," the stranger said.

"I can't, I'm afraid of dying."


Then the stranger said to me,

"I'm sorry dear sir, you cannot pass

for your soul is no longer working.

It appears in fact you've been ill sometime,

and this road is for the living."


Shaking my fist in disbelief,

I cried out to that stranger before me,

"How is it I came to this fate you speak of

when no warning ever befell me?"


This path dear sir, that's set out before you,

is one we've met on before.

Your soul it knows the steps to take,

and I beg you to please not ignore.

Place one foot in front of the other,

and empty your senses completely,

for its in this act your true self is found,

a soul that will love more deeply."


Through this exchange, my own heart broke through,

my voice steadily speaking,

my mind carefully finding the words,

for a soul that had too long been sleeping.


"Close your eyes," the voice said,

"and see the Divine within you."

"Bar your ears from listening," the voice said,

"and hear His calling inside you."

"Cease your mouth from speaking," the voice said,

"and let divine breath flow through you."

"Restrain your body from moving," the voice said,

"and let His love move in you."


Opening my soul to the road now before me,

I noticed my stranger departed.

Yet I couldn't quite shake this feeling inside

of the path our lives had both charted.

Was it an angel that met with me there,

or my consciousness waking anew?

One thing I've held onto that's been all too clear,

that day my true self shone through.

                                                         ~ July 2019


Father, Help Me to Remember: An Offering of Thanksgiving


Father, help me to remember

Sounds of rushing water,

Your gentle call to season's change.

Through warmth of sun's light upon Earth's body,

You wake these weary streams,

Pouring forth new waters into thirsty souls.


Father, help me to remember

Nature's scent, her pine perfume,

Your potent potion unlocking memory's door,

And stirring sweet contemplation

With each full breath,

Surrendering our minds to comforts of old.


Father, help me to remember

The taste of abundance,

Great feast and merriment

Yields song and thanksgiving.

You feed us by your Spirit,

So that in fullness our hearts are truly fed.

Father, help me to remember

The beauty of your heavens

Held in my sight tonight,

Crystal gems suspended in darkness.

You draw our eyes ever upward in prayer

That we may be reminded of your presence here with us on Earth.


Father, help me to remember

The touch of rain on my skin.

Though sun gives warmth and morning light,

Your waters in guise of darkness above

Brings refreshment and renewal,

Welcoming new life.


Father, help me to remember

That in all these things You are present.

You are the divine within and without,

The dark and the light,

The space in between all things.

Your name echoes in the very breath we draw in and let go.

                                                                                                        ~ July 2019


























                                                                                                                                                                             ~ July 2019




Haiku Meditations for Season of Lent ~ March 2019


Wildfire (Haiku Meditation for Lent #5)
Aureate beauty, 
Perfect light of life you come,
Drawing ever close.








Desert Hymns (Haiku Meditation for Lent #4)
Sleepy soul in wait,
Hearing hymns of desert rains,
Lifts its head to wake.







Ember (Haiku Meditation for Lent #3)
Ember burning bright,
From tiny spark you gave light,
Setting hearts on fire.








Holy Water (Haiku Meditation for Lent #3 - alternative)

For we are but dust,

And in this dust a seed grows,

By holy water.


Waiting Room (Haiku Meditation for Lent #2)

From dark crawls out light,

In your waiting room of love,

Thy great dawn in sight. 








Messenger (Haiku Meditation for Lent #1)

Into dark you dive,

Becoming the butterfly,

Released into light.








Dear Columba


The Dog and Hare, your neighbors north, 

I hear them gently calling.

A southern bird they summon forth, 

“Where is our sweet dove darling?

Dancing along the Southern Fish? 

Hidden in the River Po? 

Our dark sky is but a blemish

Lost is the Compass arrow,

Without our sweet Columba!”


Heaven’s great seas, with lanterns bright, 

Did enchant and beguile them, 

And loosed you from the starry night, 

A descending Petrus gem.

In these gentle hands may you rest.

Off’ring now this humble kiss,

I press my cheek upon your breast,

A mighty peace found in this,

My faithful, dear Columba. 


From far off worlds the heavens grew,

Vibrations of ages past,

Of dying stars and ones anew, 

Did they their brilliant light cast.

And how you saw them each take part, 

‘Til perfect form they became,

A copy from the Maker’s heart,

Great miracles they proclaim! 

My faithful, dear Columba.


Dear Columba, who brought me hope,

Your neighbors north are calling. 

They’re sending down a golden rope,

With trumpets loudly sounding. 

I send you off from these two hands, 

But held close unto my heart, 

Take flight now far from Noah’s lands, 

With my peace as you depart,

My faithful, dear Columba.

                                      ~ February 2019


Bending West


Said the Flower to the Sun,

“Your golden path I’ll follow,

bending West,

toward edge of darkness,

and Moon’s winter veil.

Closing toward eternal sleep,

a remembrance I shall be,

‘til spring with hands unfurled,

welcomes me anew.

And from cold suspension,

whisper of morn’ shall shake

these tiny golden petals

held upon my fragile face,

that dreamt of silver birds

cutting through the night,

touching crystal lights.

‘Til blade of morning they did pierce,

and brought not me but three,

to golden fields afresh,

where morning we did wake,

from kiss of dew and humble bees.

To think this but a dream,

yet I wake again,

and follow your golden path,

bending west.”

                                                   ~ February 2019





We need a YOU, we need a ME

To truly be all WE can be

It keeps this world spinning around

And stops it turning upside down


What a bore it would surely be

If all of WE were only MEs

Or say what if possibly too

The WE we knew were only YOUs


WE need a YOU, WE need a ME

To truly be all WE can be

It’s fun to learn so much about

All our likenesses that stand out

I like the different ways WE look

Like magic from a coloring book

This picture would be incomplete

Should one color change or delete


How wonderful YOU are to Me

That YOU can help ME rightly see

I do need YOU and YOU need Me

To truly be all WE can be 

                                                    ~ January 2019


In the Shadow of the Mountain.jpg
Stranger in the Woods pic.jpg
Father, Help Me to Remember pic.jpg
You the Poet.jpg
O Shepherd Moon.jpg
Half Light of Dawn.jpg
Back To You.jpg
My Hands poem.png
Desert Hymns.jpg
Waiting Room.jpg
Dear Columba, 30 x 30 inches, Acrylic on
Bending West.png
As the Earth Senses You.jpg

As the Earth Senses You

I stand here

   in hushed moments

wondering if I will remember you

   like this now;

not as a whisper

but as the earth senses you,

   each stone,

      each bloom,

         each limb,

ripening toward you,

bearing your image.

Let me not construct you

   as a thing

      or pious gesture

but open to you

   my whole life

      ripening until you are real.

Make For Yourself a Home.jpg

Make For Yourself a Home

Heavy with time,

I no longer depart from myself as before

   like bird or cloud 

      I imagined to be.

So it is with you I find peace,

   opening in ease

      toward your immensity,

you, who works in silence.

In my anguish and yearning,

   take me

and make for yourself a home

   where great embers burn

and there my soul,

   peering into this chasm,

      now brilliant body of light,

will hide among the shadows of your longing

   'til fears subside

      and are no more.

Possession pic.jpg


Before the great silence

so much of myself constructed you

   as to possess you, 

limiting you're becoming.

Now I wait

among the deafening silence

for your great presence

to stir within me,

   restless in this longing.

Possess me

as the great river

which flows with ease;

like a song

held upon the gentle wind;

like the tide

which swells between tiny grains of sand.

And in your hands

I will become

deepest sea of blue

that receives you;

heart which carries your refrain

into the light of day;

hour after hour

your image born upon

the salty, holy ground.

The Great Undoing Pic & Poem.jpg
Let There Be Light Pic & Poem.jpg
This Long Night Pic & Poem.jpg
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